Besser Sehen – Besser Leben. Ohne Brille. Ohne Kontaktlinsen.
Mieux voir – Mieux vivre. Sans lunettes. Sans lentilles de contact.
See better – Live better. Without glasses or contacts.
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Dr Sina Bidgoli
Specialist FMH for ophthalmology, associate medical director

Dr Sina Bidgoli has completed his medical studies at the «Université libre de Bruxelles» in his native country, Belgium. His specialist training in the field of ophthalmology was successfully completed, partly at the University Clinic «Erasme Hospital» in Brussels, and partly at the renowned «Fondation Ophtalmologique Adolphe de Rothschild» in Paris under the leadership of the well-known surgical ophthalmologist Dr Damien Gatinel.

Later, Dr Bidgoli deepened and broadened his specialist experience, particularly in the domain of refractive surgery, by pursuing post-diploma courses in established clinical settings such as the «Fondation Ophtalmologique Adolphe de Rothschild» in Paris, again under Dr Gatinel, and the «VISSUM Instituto Oftalmológico» in Alicante (Spain) under the direction of Professor Jorge Alió.

Dr Bidgoli has already acquired several important diplomas, is a member of leading professional societies and is the author of various publications.

His activity covers the entire field of refractive surgery, with a specialization in the surgical correction of sight defects using laser technology. This includes all current laser techniques such as PRK, Lasek, Lasik and, of course, Femto Lasik. Dr. Bidgoli is well acquainted with all available modern technologies used for the diagnosis of sight defects and eye diseases.

Dr Bidgoli is practicing as a specialist in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

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We organize regular information sessions on the most modern technologies and safest procedures for the correction of visual defects.

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