Besser Sehen – Besser Leben. Ohne Brille. Ohne Kontaktlinsen.
Mieux voir – Mieux vivre. Sans lunettes. Sans lentilles de contact.
See better – Live better. Without glasses or contacts.
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Cost overview


Examination costs

Short test free of charge
Detailed preliminary examination CHF 450.—

Treatment costs (costs per eye)

Laser Correction (per eye)
Lasek/PRK*   CHF 1’490.—
Femto-Lasik* CHF 2’250.—
PRESBYOND Treatment of presbyopia* CHF 2’700.—
SMILE femtosecond lenticule extraction* CHF 2’950.—
Lens surgery (per eye)
Implantable contact lens ICL/IPCL** CHF 5’500.— to CHF 6’500.—
Lens replacement** CHF 5’500.— to CHF 6’500.—
Laser-assisted crystalline surgery*** (per eye)
Surcharge Femto Phako on respective treatment CHF 2’000.—
Corneal Stabilization (per eye)
Kera rings** CHF 5’500.—

*The above-mentioned flat rates for laser eye treatments include the costs for treatment and consultation, surgical material, protective material (sunglasses, protective eye shells), medication and any follow-up treatment costs within 12 months from the date of treatment. Wavefront-optimised Lasik is already included in the treatment costs for Femto-Lasik and Lasek/PRK.

**The above-mentioned flat rates for implantable artificial lenses ICL + IPCL, lens exchange and Kera rings include the costs of treatment and consultation, surgical materials, protective materials (sunglasses, protective eye shells), medication and any follow-up treatment costs within 6 months of the date of treatment.

***The costs for a Femto Phaco treatment (laser-assisted lens surgery) are added to the treatment as an extra charge and are not included in any treatment package.

The surgical correction of a defective vision is generally not a compulsory benefit of the health insurance fund. These listed flat rates can therefore not be broken down further into Tarmed positions.

Please note:

The treatment costs of eye diseases such as cataract or corneal transplants, etc. are billed according to TARMED positions or TARMED flat rates and are covered by the health insurance funds. Material costs, follow-up examinations, etc. are also billed via Tarmed in connection with the eye diseases mentioned. Special artificial lenses and laser-assisted lens surgery (Femto Phako) are not covered by the health insurance funds and are charged to the patients.

State on  May 25, 2023, subject to changes

Information evening
We organize regular information sessions on the most modern technologies and safest procedures for the correction of visual defects.

Free short test
As a free service we offer in our eye centers in Berne and Fribourg nonbinding free short tests. Book one now!