Besser Sehen – Besser Leben. Ohne Brille. Ohne Kontaktlinsen.
Mieux voir – Mieux vivre. Sans lunettes. Sans lentilles de contact.
See better – Live better. Without glasses or contacts.
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In our eye centres, we speak English, German and French.

Female eye and laser beam during visual acuity correction with eye chart

See well without visual aids?
Have your eyes lasered now
from Fr. 1‘490.- per eye.


Goodbye reading glasses!
With Presbyond, presbyopia can finally be treated individually – an additional sight defect is corrected at the same time.

Do you urgently need an appointment with an ophthalmologist? 
Then book a check-up with our expert Dr Wolfgang Riha.

Good vision without glasses? 
Book a free short test with our eye laser expert PD Dr Josef Stoiber.


Information evening
We organize regular information sessions on the most modern technologies and safest procedures for the correction of visual defects.

Big smile from an attractive woman

Flapless laser procedure for myopia.
The innovative SMILE method is the first minimally invasive laser procedure for the treatment of myopia & astigmatism worldwide. 

Portrait of young caucaian girl with long fair hair hates her glasses

Is your child myopic and no longer wants to wear glasses?
Wake up in the morning and see clearly without optical aids – with orthokeratology this is possible.

A woman listens to her opthamologist

Do you need a check-up of your eyes? 
Now you can also book a date online for a medical control of your eyes.


Free short test 
As a free service we offer in our eye centers in Berne and Fribourg nonbinding free short tests. Book one now!


Laser correction 
The laser correction «Femto-Lasik» is today THE gold standard for the treatment of most eyesight defects.


Lens surgery
The implantation of an artificial lens or the exchange of the natural lens provides a safe visual correction.

Man eye macro

For the cataract treatment, the opacified lens is removed and replaced by an artificial lens with optimal refractive power.

Laserassistierte Linsenchirurgie

Laser-assisted lens surgery
The Femto Phako technique allows tissue-sparing interventions – steps previously executed manually are replaced in this procedure.


Eye center Dr. Aus der Au
We offer all current modern technologies for the diagnosis and surgical treatment of eyesight defects.

Biometrics concept. Facial Recognition System. Face Recognition. Iris recognition. Cyber eye. Smart Lens.

Calculate costs for eye laser treatment in Switzerland.

Here you will find our cost overview.

Vortrag: Modernste Augenchirurgie

  • Mit Presbyond kann Alterssichtigkeit individuell behandelt werden. Neben der Alterssichtigkeit wird auch eine Kurz-, Weitsichtigkeit oder Hornhautverkrümmung mitkorrigiert.

  • Die SMILE-Methode ist das erste minimal invasive Laserverfahren weltweit. Nebenwirkungen wie trockene Augen oder ein Fremdkörpergefühl treten nur noch abgeschwächt auf.

Über diese spannenden Themen und auch über andere innovative Behandlungen zur Behebung von Fehlsichtigkeit in den Bereichen Augenlasern, Linsenchirurgie und Grauer Star berichtet Dr. Wolfgang Riha.

Mittwoch, 15. November 2023, 18h30 - 20h00 im Augenzentrum Dr. Aus der Au in Freiburg

Moderator: Dr. med. Wolfgang Riha / mit gratis Kurztest und Apéro