Besser Sehen – Besser Leben. Ohne Brille. Ohne Kontaktlinsen.
Mieux voir – mieux vivre. Sans lunettes. Sans lentilles de contact.
See better – Live better. Without glasses or contacts.

Finally free of glasses – a good way to start the new year! Valentin Guillod underwent a Femto-Lasik by Dr Alain Saad. The patient and the doctor are thrilled with the result at the follow-up visit at the beginning of January!

Winter special price
Still favourable laser eye treatments:
Fr. 1’690.00 per eye (Femto Lasik, LASEK/PRK)


In times of the Corona pandemic, instead of information evenings we now offer online webinars.
Next date:
02.02.21, 17h30

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Free short test 
As a free service we offer in our eye centers in Berne and Fribourg nonbinding free short tests. Book one now!

Information evening
We organize regular information sessions on the most modern technologies and safest procedures for the correction of visual defects.

Flapless laser 
The SMILE method is the first minimally invasive intrastromal laser procedure worldwide for the treatment of myopia and astigmatism.

Laser correction 
The laser correction «Femto-Lasik» is today THE gold standard for the treatment of most eyesight defects.

Lens surgery
The implantation of an artificial lens or the exchange of the natural lens provides a safe visual correction.

New artificial lens for the correction of presbyopia
Your presbyopia and your refractive error may finally be easily and quickly surgically corrected.

For the cataract treatment, the opacified lens is removed and replaced by an artificial lens with optimal refractive power.

Laser-assisted lens surgery
The Femto Phako technique allows tissue-sparing interventions – steps previously executed manually are replaced in this procedure.

Eye center Dr. Aus der Au
We offer all current modern technologies for the diagnosis and surgical treatment of eyesight defects.

Winter-Vorteilspreis /
Prix spécial d'hiver

Fr. 1'690.00 pro Auge / par oeil

Immer noch günstigere Augenlaserbehandlungen /
Les traitements laser des yeux restent encore au prix spécial
(Femto Lasik, LASEK/PRK)