Besser Sehen – Besser Leben. Ohne Brille. Ohne Kontaktlinsen.
Mieux voir – Mieux vivre. Sans lunettes. Sans lentilles de contact.
See better – Live better. Without glasses or contacts.

Suitability for the treatment
Submit yourself to a test with us, to determine which treatment is suitable for the correction of your eyesight defect. Book a date!

Free short test
As a free service we offer in our eye centers in Berne and Fribourg nonbinding free short tests. Book one now!

Laser correction
The laser correction «Femto-Lasik» is today THE gold standard for the treatment of most eyesight defects.

Lens surgery
The implantation of an artificial lens or the exchange of the natural lens provides a safe visual correction.

For the cataract treatment, the opacified lens is removed and replaced by an artificial lens with optimal refractive power.

Diseases of the cornea
The cornea of the eye is, as it were, our window to the external world. Its diseases may durably impair your vision.

Precise and modern laser technologies are used to provide a life without glasses or contact lenses.

With the refractive surgery procedures applied today the risks are extremely limited.

You will find here an overview of the costs of our services.


Type of operation
All operations are carried out as outpatient interventions – in other words you may return home after a sojourn of a few hours.